ilyAIMY @ Blues Alley

Blues Alley, Washington, D.C.

We'll be quintet ilyAIMY (no keys) for this one. We can't wait to play in D.C. after such a long time away. SAW (Songwriters Association of Washington) has invited ilyAIMY to perform as part of their Tuesday night series where they’re filming artists for the month of July. Each night has two shows, 8pm and 10pm, which will be ROUGHLY similar (ha, like we ever stick the plan, like we ever really repeat ourselves) for the sake of putting together a bloody smashing video!

*Please note: 1. Final sale, no refunds, not transferable. 2. $15 food/beverage minimum per person not included in ticket price. 3. Seating first come at the door. Doors open 6 PM & 9:45 PM respectively. 4. Photography or Recording of any kind is prohibited during the performance. 5. Keep conversation to a minimum during the performance.