More Lute! - ilyAIMY & Ayreheart

Catonsville Arts Guild Clubhouse

We last performed this collaboration three years ago. Ayreheart, a progressive folk trio founded by lutenist Ronn McFarlane, seeks to restore the instrument to its former glory – but in a modern context. During the Renaissance and Baroque eras, lute players were songwriters and pop stars who weren’t afraid to improvise. The three members of Ayreheart – McFarlane on lute, Will Morris on fretless bass, violin and colascione, and Mattias Rucht on percussion – all have backgrounds in rock and jazz, which comes through in their energetic performances. I join them to sing Twa Corbies and Nottamun Town. Kashmir and Good Heart get a lute treatment. Yes - LUTE! And it all somehow, improbably just ... WORKS. Even more collaborations. In-person ticket link below. Livestream ticketing link:

A taste: