Oh, Covid-19 ... what can we say? The entire music business is scrambling. Dates are being canceled, postponed and rescheduled like mad as we figure out new streaming platforms and opportunities. And we all wait for word telling us when we CAN start thinking about the future. In the meantime, here are all my Songs in Captivity: Anything performed, recorded or released while I'm unable to play live shows to an audience. Tipping is appreciated: http://www.paypal.me/heatheraubreylloyd


May 7 set for the Mini Digital Ladybug Music Festival:

When you can't be with the band you're IN, love the band you're WITH. The Partridge Family we are ... not. But the outtakes are pretty funny!

Full 1-hour set April 30 for the Bethesda Urban Partnership

First 1-hour Livestream set, including deep-cut requests Hum, Letters From the Front, Matador and No Lantern, along with some home studio show and tell.


My first wacky 2-song, 1-poem livestream, where I yell for my husband to bring me my phone charger while I perform and we make lasagna.