Heather has 5 gigs in October, weather permitting ... and none by November. Here's a selection of performances, recordings and writings from quarantine.

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QuaranType (A JOURNAL)


A Seed is Its Own Energy Source

50° mornings. The back porch shaded until well after noon. I keep migrating the peppers, still bearing so many hopefuls, looking for any spot that escaped the sun’s sudden cold shoulder. Before I grew things, I loved the fall. The…

All My Friends Are Pen Pals

It used to be when someone moved to a new state, I could promise a visit sooner than any other friend could make it out, touring as I do. One time, I made good only three days after they…

QuaranTunes (NEW SONGS)

My Kinda Quarantiner

Heather Aubrey Lloyd

Every August, Heather is invited to participate in the Just This Guy song contest, affectionately known as "the monkey one." Writers are given a month to write and record, a topic, five words they have to get into the song, a few other details they need to include, and every year ... bonus points for getting "monkey" into the lyrics. 2020 is Heather's sixth year in the contest, where she's placed in the top three all but once, and won the top prize in 2018. Every other year she writes a serious song, and every other year, a funny one. This year, songwriters were required to do something on the upbeat side ... about the pandemic. Heather went for an Andrews Sisters-esque chipper homage to three of the most popular quarantine hobbies: baking, home improvement and gardening. Required words are in the lyrics in all caps.
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QuaranTunes (Livestreams & Videos)

May 7 set for the Mini Digital Ladybug Music Festival:

When you can't be with the band you're IN, love the band you're WITH. The Partridge Family we are ... not. But the outtakes are pretty funny!