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Are You Lost? (demo)

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I wrote this song based on an item in a festival FAQ website addressing the problem: "Are you lost, or did you lose someone?" I found that line very lyrical, and thought to myself ... who hasn't been BOTH. As the Covid-19 crisis took shape, I decided I needed a lullaby for myself, and for my friend, Shani, who is sheltered in place in California, far from her family. I imagined an older, wiser person finding their own self as a child, lost in the woods. And what they might say to little us, there in the dark.


We'll get out of this, my child, you'll see.
I've done my share of wandering.
Are you out here in the woods all alone?
Are you lost or did you lose someone?

And I know it's been far too long
and daylight is a fairy tale, a nursery song.
The hours slipped away, then the months.
Halfway there ... now you're back at one.

Oh, little one, I been this way before.
So many roads, no one can be sure.
But I found the way
and I made it through
to pass it down to you.
And you will, too.

And all the while you're lost,
sure as you are seeking, you are being sought.
I know it's hard, I know you lie awake.
But it's okay, you get to be afraid.

Hey, we'll be this way again.
So many roads, no knowing where they end.
But we'll find the way
and we will make it through
to pass it down to you
and you will, too
and you will, too.