A Personal Note From Heather: While the live music community adjusts to a new reality of streaming and being quarantined away from our bands, I've been incredibly sick. With what ... I'm not sure, but the fever has subsided and my voice has slowly returned. I've been slow to contribute to the cacophony of streaming options available to all of us bored at home (I have been watching, though!), but that will soon change. There is also new, exciting merch on the way ... if the manufacturing place is still open. In the meantime, HERE is an intimate 15-minute set from my home, trying out location and lighting, and complete with yelling for my husband to bring me a phone charger while our lasagna finishes baking.

Heather is the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the $10,000 Bernard Ebb Songwriting Award. On March 8, Heather's songs "Good Heart" and "If We Come Too Late" wowed the judges and landed her the win, along with a few free sessions at Innovation Station Studio! Heather started up there in July, recording tracks for an EP slated for release in 2020. More on that soon!

MERCH NEWS: Physical copies of "The Lucky Ones" Limited-Edition EP AND Heather's first solo CD, "Samples," are COMPLETELY SOLD OUT and out of print. Her studio CD, "A Message in the Mess," is now available on BANDCAMP, and hard copies with no plastic/less packaging are again available.

"Melissa Etheridge, Carly Simon, Janis Joplin, Anthony Kiedis, Cass Elliot and Joni Mitchell blended together and injected into a spark plug with curly black locks." - The Montgomery Caller


In addition to her 2019 Bernard Ebb win, Heather was a 2018 No Depression Magazine/Freshgrass Festival songwriter award finalist, and also showcased as a 2018 National Women's Music Festival Emerging Artist, and:

  • MOST WANTED ARTIST, Falcon Ridge Folk Fest (2018)
  • TELLURIDE TROUBADOR Top-4, Telluride Bluegrass Festival (2017)
  • ALBUM OF THE YEAR, Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Director's Award (2018)
  • Honorable Mention, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest (2017)