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- Janis meets Joni -

MASSACHUSETTS! The "QUICK! Before it Snows!" TOUR is finally coming your way Dec. 16-17.

Hear it From Heather

The band went to Canada as an official showcase selection at Folk Music Ontario. I brought back a vicious cold instead of a booking manager. Freshly off meds, I headed to the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference. I am taking a momentary breath with lungs still a bit too raw. As this year hurries toward a busy finish, we reflect on these days of building back better. Reminiscing over opening a sold-out show for Gordon Lightfoot at the Weinberg Center in Frederick, Md. Opening for Gretchen Peters. Showcasing at NERFA. ilyAIMY's return to Musikfest. 2023 has been the year of “YES." I've joined forces for another two shows in November with lute-rock outfit Ayreheart (with Grammy-nominated Ronn McFarlane) to stretch my vocal and genre range (it's Baroque, and I'm working on it!).  And ilyAIMY is on the road again. The mailing lists have the scoop. The calendar is always updating. Please EMAIL ME with booking requests and venue recommendations.

All the stillness made me restless, but quarantine was also a safe place to just TRY things. Like this version of "The Animal Crackers Song" I did stuck at home with my personal Partridge Family. Or shooting and editing an entire music video myself for "My Kinda Quarantiner," which went on to win a slate of awards. Oh! And I uploaded basically my entire catalog (including exclusives) to Bandcamp.

7-hour drives to play historic opera houses before driving south for studio session work after a stop in Philly to play a concert series ... opening for the greats ... Hell yeah, don't mind if I do. 


BIG NEWS in 2023. Exclusive downloads and beautifully written tales a couple times a month.


Happy Birthday-ween to me!