A Personal Note From Heather: Thank you to NO DEPRESSION MAGAZINE for spotlighting my ode to the hopeful homesteaders who filled their quarantine days with baking, home improvement and gardening while missing that special someone. I - in the spirit of the song - wrote, recorded, filmed and edited everything, and set this as an Andrews Sisters-esque timepiece ... hoping one day, pandemic will seem that distant a memory ... And so it was: The Lost Year. I am waiting on my first shot, beginning to book outdoor shows again, the calendar is updating, and I would love to get your venue, porch ... hell, even your driveway ... on it! Please EMAIL ME with booking requests and venue recommendations.

I would spend most of March 2020 incredibly sick. With what ... I'm not sure, but the fever subsided and I joined the streaming/video-making community, alternating live performances with pre-recorded fun like this version of "The Animal Crackers Song" I did quarantined with my Partridge Family. There's a new page in the menu, "Quarantimes," where you can watch and listen to what I've been up to, and tip if you can. ilyAIMY also released a three-set live album on Bandcamp (check it out), from our last full-band show, more than a year ago. That night, rob's birthday, we were on fire, and the performances are some of our best. There's even a previously unrecorded song or two, covers of Tool, Portishead, a little Sade. And I've uploaded basically my entire catalog to Bandcamp.

Heather is the reigning GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the $10,000 Bernard Ebb Songwriting Award. Heather's songs "Good Heart" and "If We Come Too Late" wowed the judges and landed her the win, along with a few free sessions at Innovation Station Studio! Mastering is DONE, with plans to release two vinyl singles in 2021.


Melissa Etheridge, Carly Simon, Janis Joplin ... and Joni Mitchell blended together and injected into a spark plug with curly black locks.”

— The Montgomery Caller