Recovering reporter, performance poet and fairy tale collector turned songwriter, Heather Aubrey Lloyd has co-fronted Baltimore’s ilyAIMY for nearly two decades. Traveling the country playing everything from bait shops to clothing-optional resorts, Lloyd’s lyrical collection of stories became her first solo studio effort, “A Message in the Mess.” Populated by Hippie Tooth Faeries and Jackson Pollock reincarnated as a flock of scatological pigeons … each narrative is offered up in her passionate, “sing-me-the-phone-book” alto. Her finger-picked guitar says folk. Her lyrics show the influence of Baltimore's slam poetry scene. Her hand percussion says world music. "Janis Joplin ... and Joni Mitchell blended together," says The Montgomery Caller. With its inventive arrangements and delightfully bizarre percussion (yes, that really is recorded bubble wrap), “Mess” received the Director's Award for Album of the Year from the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, and the awards haven't stopped since: 2018 No Depression Magazine Songwriting Award Finalist, 2018 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival MOST WANTED Artist, 2018 National Women's Music Festival Emerging Artist, 2017 Telluride Troubadour Top 4. She is also the reigning Grand Prize winner of the prestigious Bernard Ebb Songwriting Award. While the current socially distanced climate has cancelled most of her live shows, Lloyd is planning to release new music in 2021, featuring songs about mental health, the plight of refugees, and aging gracefully.

Previously, Lloyd has been a Lilith Fair Talent Search Finalist. ilyAIMY is the 3-year-reigning Best Contemporary Folk Group/Duo at the Washington Area Music Awards and a Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Most Wanted Winner, among other honors. 

In-Depth on the CD: Lloyd met Reno-based pop-rock band, The Novelists, teaming for arrangements and instrumentation that mark a polished departure from her alt-folk grit with ilyAIMY. The result: Traditionally folk/acoustic instruments used in unorthodox ways that court jazz, indie, classical and rock. The disc begins with the anthemic pop love song, “Ask For Me,” and passes through the funny glockenspiel/kazoo folk of “The Animal Crackers Song” to end up in the string arrangement of “Pollock” and grinding roots rock of “Phantom.” Through it all, Lloyd‘s dusky, sensual, intensely emotional voice tells her unusual stories. As her CD wrapped, The Novelists won a performance spot on Train’s Sail Across the Sun Cruise. LA-based David Peters of Oak House Recording (Amber Rubarth, Vienna Teng) also mixed/mastered the project.


2018 Falcon Ridge Folk Fest Most-Wanted set.

2018 Falcon Ridge Folk Fest Most-Wanted set.

2018 Acoustic Guitar Project DC Songwriter. Click to hear "My Scheherazade," a fantastical tale of suicide prevention.

2018 Acoustic Guitar Project DC Songwriter. Click to hear "My Scheherazade," a fantastical tale of suicide prevention.

She really did that! Shooting cover art for "A Message in the Mess."

She really did that! Shooting cover art for "A Message in the Mess."


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"Not only are her individual songs great, the collective body of work that she has put out is impressive … And the way that she works at music like it matters … She brings a ferocity, an intensity … Let’s face it, if this was Salem she would have been burned at the stake.

- Jay Keating, President, Songwriter's   Association of Washington 


"Sometimes an artist just needs to stretch her wings [and 'A Message in the Mess'] is so eclectic ... designed to showcase Lloyd's vocals, which remind you of Natalie Merchant in [her] prime. Seriously, 'The Animal Crackers Song' is freaking magical (are those kazoos and xylophones with a brass section?!?). The lyrics are delightful, and it will make you feel great - Put it on repeat." 

- Charm City Radio

"Her voice, which is elegantly controlled with a slight smokiness … is SO compelling that it might take a while before you become conscious of just how strong the songs are lyrically … an intimate presentation, as if she is performing just for the listener." 

- H. Stephen Patton, Driftwood Magazine

"Voices this hard-hitting don't come around often. Sing me the phone book - I'll ask for an encore." 

- Pat Wictor (Brother Sun)

"Lloyd's voice has a powerful emotional and technical range, using everything from a delicate whisper to a bluesy growl to breathe life into the folk narratives." 

The Morning Call

"A pint-sized powerhouse of a singer."   

- The Washington Times