First found in Europe hundreds of years ago, murder ballad poems and songs have since become heavily associated with traditional American music. A mainstay in country and folk, whether it's “The Two Sisters," a ballad that can be traced back to 1656, or the ubiquitous "Stagger Lee" (a staple since 1897), why are we so allured by the stories of the bad guys? And why is it "bad GUYS?" Not only are female characters under-represented in Murder Ballads and Anti-hero stories ... more often than not they are victims and rarely vigilantes. We love to tell the anti-heroes' stories, where men can be rapscallions and rogues, but women are relegated to the wrath of the scorned or the cold body. Explore this genre through the original music of Baltimore's ilyAIMY, a selection of iconic ballads, and everything from Johnny Cash to today’s radio hits.