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You may not know how hard it is | to break into the snack food biz | competition for a couple dozen coveted spots | in the lineup of the animal cracker box | how I long to be among all of those famous features | the rhinoceros and kangaroo and elephant | and all the creatures | the lions and zebras | I’m just a dreamer | go ahead and lick me | I’m salty sweet | a perfect complement crushed up in a car seat | but your crackery criteria’s a little funky | tell me do you really need | a gorilla and a monkey? | how I long to see my likeness in a sugary frame | masticating a mammalian menagerie without all the game | my few minutes of fame | but you know it’s a shame | ‘cause no I never make a neat cookie-cutter shape | and I’d confuse a kid or two with me on their plates | but I’d rather get my head bitten off by mistake | than be a nobody who went about a dream half baked | how I long to be a yummy member of the pack | eaten with the sheep and the koala | even with the giraffe | you may just laugh | but you’re nobody ‘til someone puts your face upon a tasty snack | but is it too big a wish? | sincerely yours Mr. Cuttlefish