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Let me be clear | I never want to see your face again | but sometimes I have dreams | we have coffee and it’s nice | catching up for a little while | before we go back to our regularly scheduled lives | let me be clear | the last few years have been a blur of pain | I blame you more than a little bit | but mostly still myself | keeps me up at night | ‘cause sometimes you’re the only one I want to talk to | but my last word to you was congratulations | and they say time heals all wounds | but I am still confused | I’m still waiting | to be clear | let me be clear | I never wanted to see your face again | but a wedding invitation | a reluctant reunion | and a nod across the dance floor | suddenly feels far too distant | let me be clear | I am just stealing a moment | while the jackets are collected | while farewells are being said | ‘cause if these are the last words that I get | hey sometimes you’re the only one I want to talk to | as we stand here wishing friends congratulations | finding any excuse to be in the same room | first time in ages | and then we’re clear | and we are both taken but not taken over | stubbornly just sticking by our almost-perfect lovers | but the years go by and the wounds don’t heal | ‘cause the wounds aren’t wounds at all | but a message coming clear | the sky is clear | Sunday morning waking slowly | making coffee making plans | making light of forever | ‘cause now we can